Mihaela Kavdanska | KOTKI visuals, Co-Creation, Media Art, Production

Violeta Ivanova | DARV conceptual artist

Florian Weinrich, AR developer & Interaction Designer 

총 연출, 안무 이정인 Lee Jung In, Creation, Choreography, Production

AR 안무 어시스턴트, 이승주 Lee Seung Ju, choreography assistant and performer

Funding Institutions:
한국문화예술위원회 Arts Council Korea
Paradise Lab, Seoul
Linz Kultur
Linz EXPOrt 2020
LinzimPULS 2020

협조 / Cooperation partners: 
꽃이피다 | Iriscom (Korea)
이리스컴 | Time based and Interaction Media,
Kunstuniversität Linz (Austria)
International Graduates Club Linz  (Austria)
LM Media & Pusch TV (Austria) 
Redsapata Tanz Fabrik (Austria)
KOTKI visuals (Romania/ Austria)

Mihaela Kavdanska

Mihaela Kavdanska works as intermedia artist and researcher, creative and art director, curator, cultural manager and producer of exhibitions, festivals and TEDx events in Austria and Romania.
She holds a master’s degree in Fine Arts from the National University of Arts in Bucharest and an Interactive Art MA (Interface Cultures) from the University of Art and Design in Linz, Austria.
During the last 20 years of professional artistic activity Mihaela Kavdanska has developed personal and interdisciplinary collaborative projects, exhibited and performed in different galleries, museums, festivals and public spaces in Europe, United States & Asia.
Mihaela Kavdanska creates live experience and process based art works, where the constant exchange of perspectives plays an important role. As visual and media artist, she's been interested in renewing artistic language and mastering both traditional and new means since late '90s. She's been working in the fields of painting, photography, video art, visuals for music, interactive installations, intermedia and interactive dance or theatre performance.
Mihaela Kavdanska is co-founder and creative director Aof KOTKI visuals, an Art & Technology creative studio founded in 2006 in Bucharest, in collaboration with Dilmana Yordanova, Bulgarian born media artist, based in Bucharest. The studio is among the first to implement new technologies in performing arts, communication, advertising and culture in Eastern Europe. KOTKI’s portfolio includes more than 100 projects realized for a vast array of clients: museums, corporations, advertising agencies, independent cultural institutions, festivals and unconventional events all over Europe and United States.  Since 2012, KOTKI visuals are based in Bucharest & Linz.
Mihaela Kavdanska is initiator, co-founder, curator and artistic director of AVmotional Platform, founded in 2004 in Bucharest, Romania. AVmotional presents and promotes outstanding media artists and productions in the field of Media and Performing Arts.  During its years of activities, more than 60 events have been organized and produced with the participation of hundreds of
artists from Europe and Asia.

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오스트리아와 루마니아를 중심으로 인터미디어 아티스트, 크리에이티브 디렉터 등으로 활동하고 있는 불가리아 출신 아티스트 미하엘라 카브단스카는 루마니아 부카레스트 국립 예술대학에서 예술학 석사, 오스트리아 린츠 디자인 예술대학에서 인터렉티브 아트 석사 과정을 마쳤으며, 1990년 후반부터 유럽, 미국, 아시아의 갤러리, 뮤지엄, 무용센터 등에서 개인작업 및 협업 작업을 진행하였다.
2006년부터 현재까지 KOTKI visuals와 Art & Technology studio의 공동 아트디렉터이자 창작자로서 부카레스트와 린츠에서 다양한 작업을 진행하고 있다.

Florian Weinrich

Linz born software engineer, Florian Weinrich, has been working on various artistic and non-artistic projects over the last few years. After finishing education in the field of media technology he worked at media agencies and startups. In 2019 he became self-employed and started working on local and international projects in cooperation with other artists and media agencies based in Europe.
Currently, he works on generative art and real-time visual applications in Linz and Berlin.
In DARV he is creating an augmented reality experience using tablets and unity, a multi-platform game engine. The user can watch multiple dance performances interacting with a painting placed in the exhibition area.
The dance performance will be supplemented by video projection generated in real-time. Kinect sensors are tracking the performers on stage in real-time. This data is processed in openFrameworks, a toolkit for creative coding.  


린츠 출신의 소프트웨어 개발자인 플로리안 바인리히는 지난 몇년동안 다양한 융복합 협업 작업 등을 진행하였다. 미디어 테크놀로지 분야의 교육과정을 마친 후, 미디어 에이전시 및 스타트업 분야에서 활동하고 있으며, 2019년 개인 기술 개발자로 독립하여 유럽을 중심으로 다양한 분야의 아티스트들, 에이전시 등과 함께 국제 협업 작업을 시작하였다. 현재 린츠와 베를린에서 예술 작업과 연계된 기술 개발 등의 작업을 활발하게 진행하고 있다

Violeta Ivanova

Violeta Ivanova is born in Bulgaria, 1985. After her study in the National Academy of Arts, Sofia/Bulgaria, she graduated with a Master degree in Sculptural Conceptions/Ceramics at the University for Art and Design, Linz/Austria. Since 2016 she is freelance visual artist, based in Austria.
In her projects Violeta Ivanova interweaves personal experiences and observations on the nature of things and human beings. She experiments with unconventional materials and uses a broad range of media. In parallel to her individual projects, Ivanova often collaborates with artists from different fields. Despite the variety of expressive means and themes, her works bear a common characteristic feature – the use of metaphors and indirect messages that invite the viewer for deeper reflection and interpretation.

Jung In Lee

Jung in Lee was born in Seoul, Korea, studied from Kyung Hee University (B.A) and its graduate school (M.A). She moved to Berlin and worked with choreographers such as Meredith Nadler, Javier Sanchez. After conducting performance 'Average Speed of Answer', a collaborative project in East Europe, she worked mainly in East Europe as a solo dancer and as well as a collaborator with local Artists in Bulgaria such as Derida Dance and Atom Theater. Selected for the international residence by Arts Council Korea, she conducted workshop, showcase and movement researches in Sofia and Tel Aviv. She danced with Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, and teaches contemporary dance at Korea National Sports University in Korea. To make connection between Korea and abroad, she works as executive committee of The Modern Dance Promotion of Korea.

In 2015, she moved place to Linz, Austria and work based on European countries again to focus her own creation. She was invited from Black Box Dance Company as a guest choreographer in 2019, and had shown piece ‘Addiction’ in Seoul and Denmark. In present, She is on tour around of world with her representative works – Skins, Runner’s High, The Village supported by Arts council Korea, and Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.


한국 안무가, 창작자 이정인은 현대무용을 중심으로 다각적인 예술활동에 접근하는 독립예술가이다. 2010년부터 베를린, 소피아 등에서 무용단 활동 및 다양한 프로젝트 작업을 진행하였고, 2014년부터 2년여간 한국 국립현대무용단 무용수로 활동하였다. 2016년부터 본격적으로 유럽과 한국을 오가며 안무가, 크리에이터로서, 협업 중심의 실험 작업과 본인 안무의 솔로 및 프로젝트 무용 작업의 해외 투어 공연을 성공적으로 진행하고 있다. 현재 오스트리아 린츠의 Redsapata-Tanz Fabrik과 협력 작업을 진행하며, 안무, 워크샵 등의 다양한 활동 및 무용을 중심으로 진행되는 예술과 기술의 융복합 관련 창작에 중점을 두고 작업을 진행하고 있다.