DARV Art & Tech Workshop in Arad

Augmented Reality Art in public space

The DARV collective was invited by Doar Maine Association form Arad to coordonate a five-day educational experience where art installations and performances created through analog and digital means, were implemented in Augmented Reality and presented in an exhibition in public space at Biblioteca Județeană Alexandru D. Xenopol Arad.

The workshop leaders collaborated with a group of 12 students from the High School for Fine Art "Sabin Drăgoi" and from the Faculty of Design, UAV Arad, with guidance and organization provided by their professors. The main focus was on climate change in Arad and the surrounding area, as well as pressing issues related to the impact of digital media and devices on the students' lives.

The site-specific AR exhibition opened on May 26th in the courtyard of Biblioteca Județeană Alexandru D. Xenopol Arad. Workshop participants and projects:

It’s Yours. | Palko Cristina, Clanda Sergiu-Raul

Fever | Szauka Ioana, Vasiliu Alexandru

The way of nature | Sarkozi Winona-Maya

The worm of the new era | Grodei Marisa-Diana

Tired of being tired | Dura Bianca

In/visible strings | Stanciu Alexandra-Ștefania

Song of the leaves | Olaru Ema

Is somebody else here? | Farîma Ana

Bee-ing aroud | Knapik Bogdana

The work process began in February 2023 with four online meetings in February, April, and May. These meetings focused on concept creation, production guidelines, and implementation strategies. The students submitted proposals, which were reviewed by their professors and the workshop leaders, who then provided multiple feedback sessions. On May 22nd, everyone involved gathered in Arad for the onsite workshop. The workshop leaders guided the students through the production process of analog and digital content creation, 3D scanning of the objects created, filming of the performances, and the actual implementation in AR (Augmented Reality).  The workshop ran from 10:00 to 18:00 every day. One of the days was dedicated to visiting the National Park Lunca Mureșului, where ecological problems were discussed, and locations for implementing the AR projects in the area were chosen.

The workshop leaders and the professors involved were delighted to observe the interest from the audience and the students' engagement. Nita Mocanu, one of the professors and the lead organizer of the workshop through the "Doar Maine" assosiation (as part of the Post-Education Program), expressed their satisfaction:

"We are very glad to have had this collaboration with the Faculty of Design, Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, and the highly supportive team at Arad County Library. The students showed remarkable receptiveness, including those from Sabin Drăgoi Art College Arad. The participants made significant strides in contemporary art, with some even exploring New Media art. We hope to collaborate with them again in the future."

The DARV Collective is currently working on additional  development of the DARV AR application for presenting the projects in different public spaces in Arad and the area.

This workshop and exhibition were part of the Post-Education project. Pedagogues of Crisis, developed by the Association Doar Mâine, Minitremu, the Association Foc și Pară, and Kinema Ikon, within the Cultural Program "Timișoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture,". It is funded by the Municipality of Timișoara through Centrul de Proiecte, co-financed by the Arad Museum Complex and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Bucharest.