DARV is an Art & Tech collective founded by Mihaela Kavdanska (media artist), Violeta Ivanova (conceptual artist) and Florian Weinrich (software developer) in 2020. DARV realizes a series of Art & Tech projects connecting different art forms and disciplines, utilizing technology as a mediator and catalyst.

DARV AR is an open source augmented reality application designed and developed by Florian Weinrich & the DARV team for artists and art educators. It utilizes geolocation or QR code-based augmented reality technology in various artistic contexts, especially art in public spaces.

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DARV is the name of a projects series initiated and produced by the collective - an international team of artists, interaction designers and software developers based in Linz and Berlin. Realised in the context of close collaboration between art and technology, this endeavour connects media art, site-specific installations, contemporary dance and performance, using the means of mixed reality and interactive video projections. Artistic concepts are transformed into Mixed Reality exhibitions, performative interventions in public spaces or intermedia dance performances, offering an experience of intermedia oneness to participating artists and audience alike.

DARV project series includes the following projects produced or currently in production until the end of 2023: DARV_Abandoned Land 1.0 | 2.0 | 3.0 (2019-2020) intermedia dance performances and stage based AR experiences, presented at the Oil Tank Culture Park, Seoul, Ars Electronica Festival & Center in Linz; DARV_Wandering Islands (2020) a Mixed Reality exhibition, performative interventions and intermedia dance performance at Paradise Art Lab, Seoul (premiered in October 2020); DARV_Steps Untold (2021 - ongoing) - Mixed Reality experiences and performative interventions on and around public stairways in the urban environment of Linz, Austria and Sofia, Bulgaria. 

DARV core team: Violeta Ivanova (Conceptual Art), Mihaela Kavdanska (Media and Interactive Art), and Florian Weinrich (Interaction Design and Software Development).

The DARV project series have been co-funded or supported by:
City of Linz Cultural Fundings: Linz Jahresprogramm, Linz EXPOrt, Linz ImPULS; OÖ Kultur; Paradise Art Foundation, Arts Council Korea; Ars Electronica Center, LM.Media, Pusch.TV, KOTKI visuals, FURNA art & culture

Steps Untold 2.0: Stories of Reverse Migration

DARV Collective at DA Fest'23, Sofia: Screening, Workshop, AR interventions in public spaces

DARV AR App for kimæra  MNMNTS

Augmented Reality Art in public space in Linz, Arad, Timisoara, Bucharest

DARV Art & Tech Workshop in Arad

Augmented Reality Art in public space

DARV Art&Tech workshop: Climate Action Days

Climate Action Days @ Innovations-Hauptplatz, Linz

DARV Theme Meetings

Innovations-Hauptplatz, Linz

DARV Art&Tech Workshop Linz

Interface Cultures Department, Kunstuniversität Linz

DARV_Steps Untold 1.0

(Not) Here (Not) There

Maindeck, Ars Electronica Center, Linz 05.06.2021, 17:00-19:00h
Guest project at FMR 21 - Art in digital contexts and public space
LINZ imPULS 2020, Linz Jahresprogramm 2021, OÖ Kultur.

DARV_Wandering Islands

Paradise Art Festival, Seoul
30.10. - 1.11.2020

Paradise Art Foundation, Linz EXPOrt 2020, Linz Kultur 2020

DARV_Abandoned Land 3.0

Baekam Art Hall, Seoul, October 2020
Arts Council Korea, Linz Jahresprogramm 2020, Linz EXPOrt 2020.

DARV_Abandoned Land 2.0

Ars Electronica Festival, Linz
11.09.2020, 14:00-14:30 and 15:00-15:30
Deep Space 8K, Ars Electronica Center
Arts Council Korea, Linz Jahresprogramm 2020

한국문화예술위원회 <창작실험 활동과정 공유
Arts Council Korea
<Creation experimentation_Process
and share>

21.02.2020 | 19:00h
22.02.2020 | 14:00h