DARV_Wandering Islands

Paradise Lab, Seoul
Linz EXPOrt 2020

The DARV project edition entitled Wandering Islands is conceived as a media art exhibition. All the elements involved - performative interventions, site-specific installations, intermedia dance performances and large scale interactive video projections, are connected with the use of an Augmented Reality (AR) application to create a Mixed reality experience.

The artistic concept revolves around the interaction between separated fragments of a larger whole and their transformational journey between different realms.

As the island is a piece of land separated from the mainland, different bodies or body parts are represented as disconnected islands. In their desire to connect with each other, they experience the creation of a whole new body (creature?), discover new ways of interrelating and get transformed. 

Mind and body (dis-)connections, inner and outer spaces, real and augmented bodies, constructed and virtual identities, all navigate various levels of subjective reality, playing with the concept of cognition and the different proportions of the elements involved.

The viewers through their physical presence, become a constructive element of the media art exhibition. Using the AR app they have the opportunity to observe several site-specific studies in which digital performers and real ones interact with real and virtual objects.